Welcome to the Eastern Nazarene College Buildings Photographs Project! 

An online collection for public use, this site was created to help document the physical story of ENC’s buildings and how the campus has changed over the years.  This project also allowed us to create a process for future photo digitization projects. 

The Building photo file is by far the most accessed collection in the ENC Archives. Marketing, alumni, and local groups are often inquire about the history of the land as the physical presence of Eastern Nazarene College grew and shifted.  We hope users of this site will be able to appreciate the legacy of ENC’s campus through the photographs that have documented it over the years.

About the Collection

The photographs on this Omeka are sourced from two collections with a focus on the buildings of ENC’s campus. 

The first collection, ENC Buildings and Halls (2011-366),   has items relating to the buildings on ENC’s campus including dedications of the buildings, proposals, fundraising materials, articles, and photographs.  This collection focuses on the creation and dedications of the buildings on campus.  Since the focus of this Omeka is photographs, we made a note of the paper materials within this collection and uploaded the few images found in this collection.  A majority of images from this collection are architectural sketches and proposals

The second collection, ENC Buildings and Campus Photos (2011-139), is where the majority of photos for this Omeka originated from.  These photographs, focusing primarily on campus buildings, cover a wide range of dates, and photographers.  Each item on this site is attached to the metadata of what we have on that image.  For more information on the metadata practices used on this site, please visit ‘How to Use the Site’. For more information on the buildings represented on this site, visit the ‘ENC Timeline Exhibit’.

While there is a wide diversity of photographs, some campus buildings are underrepresented at this point.  Shrader Hall, the sciences building on campus, only appears in the background or in aerial shots in this collection.   Nease Library, similarly, appears in the background of a few photographs.  A small percentage of the collection features interior shots of these buildings. The Brickley Center, the center for on campus counseling, career, and health services, and Old Colony Campus are not represented at all. 

The scope of this project was limited to the two collections mentioned above.  If you would like specific photographs of places on the campus not found on this site, or if you would like more information regarding ENC’s campus and history, feel free to get in touch with the ENC Archives by filling out an 'Archives Request' form.

Collections on the Site

Items on this site are divided into collections based on their function of the buildings. Aerial Photographs contains three major sets of aerial photographs between 1946-1987.  Buildings with a larger amount of items received separate collections (Mann Student Center, Quincy Mansion, Gardner Hall).  The remaining items are split between Dorms, Classroom Buildings, Athletics, and General Campus.  Each collection has a brief description on their summary page.