How to Use This Site

Navigating Collections

Items on this site are divided into collections based on their function of the buildings. Aerial Photographs contains three major sets of aerial photographs between 1946-1987.  Buildings with a larger amount of items received separate collections (Mann Student Center, Quincy Mansion, Gardner Hall).  The remaining items are split between Dorms, Classroom Buildings, Athletics, and General Campus. Each collection has a brief description on their summary page.

Current Exhibits

Currently the only exhibit we have created is the ENC Buildings Timeline as part of what we hope to build as the General History of ENC Exhibit.  Please check back later to see this exhibit in full!

Browsing Items

You can browse items within a specific collection by clicking "View the items in [name of collection]", or in the entire site by selecting "Browse Items" from the top row of buttons. Clicking on an item's title will take you to a detailed record of the item. From there you can page to next and previous items by using the links at the bottom of the page.   

You may also search the collection using the Browse Tags, and Map features of the site.  Browse Tags will bring you to the collection of tags we have assigned to each photograph.  The Map feature  brings you to a map, each photograph that is geotagged will appear on the map.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search (link underneath the search bar in the upper right-hand corner) searches only individual items. Once on the Advanced Search page, you are able to perform a general key-word search, or specify what fields the search should look in, using "Narrow by Specific Fields." Select your desired field in drop-down menu one, and your operator from drop-down menu two, and enter your search term into the text box next to the menus. You can add another search string by clicking "Add a Field" and following the same procedure. You can also search for a specific unique identifier (see more below), search within a specific collection, search by a specific item type, or by tags.

Citing an Item

Citations for individual items are provided on the item records.

Searching for a Specific Item

Each item in the collection has a unique identifier, listed in the "identifier" field. You can search for that specific item based on its identifier. Please note that due to the identifier system used for this collection, the "Search by a range of ID#s" option in Advanced Search does not work. Instead you can search by specific identifier by using the "Narrow by Specific Fields" option.

  1. Select "identifier" from the first drop-down menu
  2. Select "is exactly" from the second drop-down menu
  3. Enter desired unique identifier in text box next to menus

Use of Metadata on this Site

We use metadata to record information about each item that can’t be conveyed simply with the image file.  We have specifically chosen the metadata we believe will provide the information researchers will be looking for.  Metadata on this site is divided between two categories, using Dublin Core parameters as well as Item Type parameters.  Using these two systems we have recorded data that reflects both the physical item, as well as the digital item we have created. 

Dublin Core Parameters

  • Title of the Item, Which was created using the name of the folder the image is stored in as well as a number attached to make each item unique
  • Creator, Who created the object
  • Description, A description of what appears in the photograph
  • Date, When the photo was originally taken, if available
  • Format, Digital, The digital file format and size of the file
  • Identifier, The name of the digital file the item was saved under
  • Rights, To indicate if the item is restricted or not

Item Type Parameters

  • Tags, Any other categories we could apply to the item that would make it easier to search
  • Description, Caption, Any captions or markings that appear on the back of the photographs
  • Format, Physical, The physical description of the item

Requesting Items

Higher resolution images in .JPEG and .TIFF formats are available to interested parties on request.  Please fill an 'Archives Request' and the ENC Archives will be happy to respond to your request.