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Throughout ENC's history, students have lived in a wide variety of places on campus. The earliest students lived in Quincy Mansion or the Cardboard Palace, a converted stable and carriage house, next to the Mansion (a property originally owned by the Quincy family). The Manchester was constructed soon after.

Munro Hall was built in 1926 to expand women's living situations, and has served a variety of purposes including a meeting place for chapel and the campus' dining hall. In 1945 Munro Parlor was added onto the building, as a community meeting place.

After World War Two, due to returning soldiers and nurses, and the GI Bill, the campus received a large increase in the numbers of students attending campus. Memorial Hall was constructed in 1948 to house the increase in male students, and also contains a lounge in the basement of the building.

The 1960s and 1970s brought an increase in building projects on campus. Spangenburg Hall and Spangenburg Parlor was constructed in 1961 to house underclassmen female students, and Sheilds Hall was added onto Memorial Hall in 1965. Williamson Hall was added onto Spangenburg Hall in 1968.

The final dorm building was Young Apartments, constructed in 1976. Young Apartments was built to house upperclassmen, and to provide housing for married students and low-income housing for employees.


Cardboard Palace, the Manchester 1855-1948
Munro Hall 1926-
Munro Parlor 1945-
Memorial Hall 1948-
Spangenburg Hall 1961-
Shields Hall 1965-
Williamson Hall 1968-
Young Apartments 1976-

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Photograph of Mann Student Center, Shields Hall and Memorial Hall with cars parked in front of them

Photograph of Mann Student Center and Munro Hall after a snowfall

Photograph of a car parked next to Munro Hall

Photograph of a small pond and bench in front of Munro Hall

Photograph of cars parked in front of Munro Hall

Photograph of Munro Hall through the gate

Photograph of the cornerstone to Young Apartments

Photograph of the entrance to Young Apartments

Photograph of the entrance to Young Apartments

Photograph of the entrance to Young Apartments
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