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Aerial Photographs


This collection features multiple series of aerial photographs commissioned by ENC. The earliest aerial photographs were taken between 1949-1959, the…

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General Campus


A collection of any photographs from around the ENC campus. This collection includes unidentified buildings, photos of the landscaping on campus,…

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Mann Student Center


Built in 1965, Mann Student Center serves a wide variety of purposes. It contains the dining hall, the Ruth Cameron Auditorium, Hebrews Cafe, the…

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Throughout ENC's history, students have lived in a wide variety of places on campus. The earliest students lived in Quincy Mansion or the Cardboard…

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Quincy Mansion


A historic mansion from the Quincy family, constructed in 1855, the Quincy Mansion served many purposes during its time on ENC's campus. It's been…

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Gardner Hall and Fowler Memorial Building


Fowler Memorial Building was constructed in 1930, and has been used as the general administration building and classrooms ever since. It has also…

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This collection contains photos of the Gymnorium, the Athletic Fields, Bradley Field, Lahue Gym, and the Tennis Courts.Important dates in this…

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Classroom Buildings


This collection features buildings that house classrooms on campus.

Angell Hall was constructed in 1970 and is currently used by Religion,…

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